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02-Mar-2019 16:54

Their sound is reminiscent of a lovechild between Queens of the Stone Age and Ty Segall, and a crossover with DIY label Burger Record’s Southern California punk rock that sends audiences straight to the mosh pit.

Drenge, derived from the Danish word for “boys,” is a fitting name to capture the spirit of their music.

How do you feel about music distribution via the Internet?

I don’t mind it, I think if people can listen to it and it’s spread that way then it’s fine.

I guess that’s kind of bad to say as a professional musician but we never started this band to make any money so I guess I’m less bothered about it whereas some people are like ‘yeah this is my job.’ I probably should think about it that way, but I guess I’m just young.

Yeah the Internet is really changing the music industry.

It’s a great way to make music readily available to the public. We also did “Later With Jools Holland,” a British tv show with Kanye. What would you call your own sound, if you could describe it yourself? We kind of chose the band name to be a word that kind of just sounds like how we sound. As for the White Stripes, I listened to them a lot growing up, and I can see how it would be easy for people to compare us with them.

Everyone was freaking out when Radiohead released In Rainbows free on the Internet in 2010, but it ended up making them more money with all the exposure it gave them. Yeah that makes sense, like the way Parliament Funkadelic came up with the term “funk.” People have compared you guys to The White Stripes and The Black Keys. What direction do you think your next album will take? We tried to do some recordings with friends, but they didn’t really sound that good.

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Cate’s father, Jim Egan (James Garner), moves in to help and Cate’s very immature nephew, C. (David Spade), moves in for additional comedy relief. There was initially a great deal of curiosity about how the death of Ritter would impact the show. She asks Rory to do it instead and Kerry, tired of being a “goodie two-shoes,” wants to be part of it. Cate comes home soonafter and she’s not happy about the four-legged houseguest either.

Drenge is a band of two brothers, Eoin and Rory Loveless, hailing from the UK and finishing their first US tour this month.

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