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Other helpful tips on how to break the news to your parents include: Waiting too long to have this conversation can complicate the situation and the choices you will have to make.You may feel awkward announcing your pregnancy to your friends.You should begin the conversation by stating that you have some difficult news to share with them.As calmly as you can say "I am pregnant, and I need your love and support right now because I'm scared." You should also apologize (if you feel that you've disappointed them) and let them know that you're going through the hardest time of your life.In 2007, about 7.1 percent of girls under the age of 13 reported having sex for the first time.Although teen pregnancy rates have been declining in recent years, in 2010, 5.4 percent of young women 14 years old or younger became pregnant.Teenage mothers are also more likely to live in poverty.The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy indicates 41 percent of mothers who gave birth before the age of 20 were living in poverty one year after giving birth.

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There is no right way to break the news about your pregnancy to your parents.

Researchers also note that children born to teenage mothers often experience developmental problems later in life.