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The National Executive Advisory Committee played a significant role, through the submission of papers, in persuading the government to introduce, from April 2011, the Service Pupils’ Premium (£300 per annum from April 2013) and, subsequently, the [Support Fund for State Schools with children of service personnel](/government/admin/publications/79438, which enables to allocate across the UK, until the end of the 2010-15 Parliament in the first instance, up to £3million per year to bids from schools and local authorities to improve educational provision for service children, particularly in respect of service-induced mobility.

It is anticipated that, as a result of these changes, service mobility will change rather than disappear altogether.

Service families will be quartered at one of the locations within the enlarged base and when the serving member of the family changes jobs, he or she might change their place of work but they and their families will continue to live at the same address.

Additionally, the and the services will, within this context, encourage more service families to buy their own homes.

The group is supported by representatives from the Department for Education ( and the Directorate’s Policy Officer.

The working group and its two sub-committees, for Strategy and School Improvement respectively, meet at least three times a year to advise government and to develop, through an action plan, strategies which can help schools in England to provide more effectively for the children of service personnel on their rolls.

This is resulting in an increase in the movement of military personnel and their families, in terms of both the relocation of whole units from Germany to a variety of locations in the UK and of the relocation of individual service families as the results of either voluntary or compulsory redundancies.

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