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These are the bye-products in the preparation of flour from wheat. Less part Premium on Shares issued 206.899,504 18 7 162,966,744 16 0 15,589,303 5 2 29,014,568 4 5 3,618,960 8 7 £I,237,.500 0 0 477,810 0 0 759,690 0 0 £418,848,771 12 9 Dr. How can the import of these be increased, and were the quantities exported in pre-war years justified out of con- sideration for the requirements of home stock- owners? PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT for the year ending 31st December, 1919. To Interim Dividend at the rate of 18 per cent, per annum, less Income Tax, paid 15th July, 1919 ,, Dividend at the rate of 18 per cent, per annum, less Income Tax, payable on the 2nd February, 1912 „ Salaries and Bonus to Staff with H. While this is true, it does not follow that every machine used in Dakota or Alberta could be profitably employed here. Demand creates its own supply, and Implement firms on this side are as keen as their American competitors in meeting the requirements of home agricul- turists. The [lay of the milk separ- 6 THE FARMERS’ GAZETTE. ator, the potato-dig-ger and the self-delivery binder is fully come ; that of the flax-pulling machine is not yet. It is true that keepers of pure flocks are essential to supply both eggs and birds for grading the quality of the poultry kept on farms. The standard of a coun- try’s farming after all is not to be judged so much by the machinery which can supersede manual labour at every turn as Ity the efficiency of the machinery- used in cultivating for sow- ing and handling crops to the fullest extent the three factors of soil, climate and labour will allow. This is not all, however; much of the increased revenue from Irish poultry -keeping is due to the work done by the instructresses employed by the county committees and the station sys- tem of distributing settings of the various breeds at nominal rates. Ac- cording to recent returns up till tlie end of November last year the imports of wheat into Ireland aggregated 102,967 tons, as against 81,514 tons of flour. During November, ex- cept some 3,000 odd tons which were imported directly from America and Canada, the flour import was all direct from across-Channel, whereas in the same month, out of the total wheat import of 28,051 tons, 27,082 tons came direct from abroad.

This hampered meat production enor- mously, and was a primary cause in putting up the price to the consumer. 675,097 14 7 „ Net Profits for the year ending 31st December, 1919, after providing for all Bad and Doubtful Debts ...

When the supply of cakes and meal were found to be so low, the discovery naturally invited inquiry as to how this condition arose, and what steps might be taken to prevent its recurrence.

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