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You can create an agreement for a recurring Pay Pal payment.The customer must approve an agreement for a Pay Pal payment before you can execute it: Before you can use the Billing Plans and Billing Agreements APIs, you must make your first call and learn about HTTP request headers.Providing your customers with a bunch of these self-serve options will reduce the need for your customers to contact you for their account management and billing needs.

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You can send the customer portal URL via email as part of the subscription life-cycle.Read more about the API integration If you're using option 2 (Single Sign-On via API), your customers will access the customer portal via your application/website and this section is not applicable to you.If you've selected option 1 (via portal login page), your customers should create their account through your portal (https:// After customers enter their email address and submit it, the system checks if the email address is present in your Chargebee site.Chargebee's customer portal is part of our hosted page solution.

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As you know, our hosted payment pages uses our mobile ready Bootstrap based themes which can be customized extensively to suit your needs.If you are a non-US developer, see International Developer Questions.