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For more information on the process of de-listing application, see THIS discussion below.Note: before contacting us about programs not included on the main list below, please check the list of lesser-known anti-spyware applications that we have tested as well as the list of legitimate, licensed clones of other anti-spyware programs.If you want File Zilla, here are the downloads direct from the project: The one you want is probably down near the bottom of that long list, as the latest is at the bottom and not at the top as you would hope.Good luck, and stay away from Sourceforge – they are looking more dangerous by the day.

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See in particular these "families" of anti-spyware products, which continue to live on through shameless re-branding: 15, 18, 19, 21, 22, & 23.

Update January 2015: It seems that direct access to the compiled application is no longer available.