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“Ah, Miss Swift, may I introduce Anya, your personal trainer? “Hello,” Taylor said, taking Anya’s hand as she approached. All that mattered was that Taylor’s hot, sweaty body needed sexual release, and Anya was providing it. Using her other hand, Anya was now gently rubbing Taylor’s clit at the same time she pounded into her slit. This wasn’t even the first time she’d been sexually touched by another woman. Anya knew exactly what she was doing, and Taylor’s body was reacting to every thrust and flick of her fingers. She couldn’t think straight for a while, her brain clouded with orgasm, and when she finally came around, she was surprised to find herself laying down still on the table as Anya was gently massaging her feet. As she shifted to move Taylor’s head to the other side, Taylor mused that this felt almost as good as the orgasm she’d had a few minutes ago. Taylor felt wonderful and almost – ALMOST – felt like she could leave this place happy without any more work. Taylor nearly jumped out of her skin, the contact she’d craved for a while now coming so suddenly. She never saw where Anya got the lube – but it was definitely different from the oil she’d been using on Taylor’s body all this time. The singer couldn’t keep her eyes open, and her hands went automatically to her tits, squeezing the tiny things as best she could, trying to get more and more pleasure, even as her stuffed pussy was overloading her brain. ” Taylor gushed as Anya bottomed out the dildo, the entire thing up inside Taylor Swift’s dripping wet snatch. ” Taylor swore, every nerve in her pussy sending erotic shockwaves through her skin. Her ass was stretched further than it ever had been before, or likely ever would again, and until she got off again, she’d be a slobbering, sex-craved idiot. But eventually, Anya started to slowly withdraw the dildo from Taylor’s ass.… continue reading »

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