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The wife and baby died and the husband could not be found.

The following Sunday, the minister of the Covenanter Presbyterian Congregation in the area, the Rev.

This family is represented by Jolene Adams Briggs on behalf of Richard Adams.

Richard’s oldest known ancestors are Francis Adams and his (first son) Francis Adams.

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Crawford John Henring Robert Reed The Lord Dunluce with Rev. In English law Esquire was a title of dignity next above gentlemen and below knight. (John Adams was living in America so he probably meant to say county instead of country.) Francis Adams (b. The number after the name indicates how many plats.

Data taken from personal family file: Franklin ‘Richard’ Family File: Adams, Hammons and Related Families #2: Sheila Yates (b. Early in 1772 the landlord’s agent came to a man’s home. (It was probably to dispossess them for failure to pay the rent.) It so happened that his wife was at a critical stage in having her first child and he was so concerned about her condition he could not be bothered and took the bailiff by the neck and threw him out of the house.

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