Afssdrq is not updating inconsistencies

17-Jul-2019 01:51

You enter material number in the following overview screen and confirm your entry by choosing Enter. Since you did not fill the field quantity, you reach the detail field automatically. You reach the Overview screen again and post goods movement (F11) 5.

Useful Reports to Analyze Inconsistencies: RM07SHUP – Shows updates recorded in table mminkon_up.

MBANEKBE – Display of a purchase order history MBCKBSEG – This report checks Materials having balance in FI with no entry in MBEW, Materials with wrong valuation class in MBEW as a result of which account determination gets different account as in BSEG , Materials which have a different actual value in MBEW as in BSEG, Manual Postings or with posting key not equal to BSX for stock accounts MBCKBSIM – This report checks whether for all BSEG entries, a BSIM entry exists MBTRAMEW – This report will try to find inconsistencies caused by Stock Transfer Orders with active ingredient batches.

This report also allows posting the correction using transaction MWBE RM07HIST – routine to read history stock from history tables.

It is very important in Inventory Management to check that the stocks are properly maintained for their correctness in terms of quantity and value.

These type of inconsistencies cause instability of system in terms of incorrect reporting, false stock statements and incorrect decisions.Solution: Do not use your own programs to change fields LBKUM, SALK3, SALKV, VKSAL, STPRS, VERPR, VPRSV of table MBEW.