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22-Mar-2019 13:38

However, variation in social and biophysical contexts across SSA underpins the need to target aggradation measures to the local context, including locally available soil amendments.In particular, there is an urgency to improve diagnosis of soil-related fertility constraints (‘responsiveness of soils’).

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Soil degradation is a major driver of poor agricultural productivity.Conne SSA will foster integration of scientific disciplines and creates important added value to existing research and stakeholder networks at the focal sites.), the crystallinity of solid phase minerals (kaolinite and saponite), the cation exchange capacity (CEC) and the exchangeable bases of peloids prepared with two medicinal mineral waters (MMWs) from the springs of Lanjarón Spa (Granada, Spain).We aim to develop a generic knowledge network that connects (it:connessa) scales and actors towards adaptive soil fertility management and agroecosystems’ resilience.

The project objectives will be addressed in three interrelated Work Packages (WPs): aggradating degraded soils and enhancing resource use efficiencies (WP1), exploring diversity and optimizing trade-offs (WP2) and linking local capital and science for innovation (WP3).

Five aggradational periods separated by incisional episodes are apparent in the valley fill, some of which have correlative strata along the valley margin.