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28-Aug-2019 14:23

Are you really qualified or do you know the consequences of shouting someone as 'fraud' in this blog.I do not know why Sujit is sitting idle and if you have the courage why not provide your correct name and address so that We will organise with a local Attorney to sue you for damages for a few million dollars and see where you people land up.I would also like to make an Honest Request, if you have genuine issue please mention your Contact Details, like your Phone Number and Email Address.Thanking you all in Advance, Best Wishes, Shekhar Sharma | Customer Relations Manager Airtel USA Inc | 3728 E Woodbine Road | Orange | CA 92867-2112 FCC 214 International Telecom Carrier Company Hi I was getting calls from Airtel USA Inc and I confirmed several times with the agent that is it Airtel India and he confirmed that but when I was taking the package for , I opted to give my card details online and not over the phone, and guess what he gave me the link as that is nowhere related to Airtel India.

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His name is also suspicious, sometime Sujit Ghosh and sometime it becomes Sam Ghosh. Hey Guys Please do not believe to the calls received from AIRTEL USA Inc.In this North American convention, people prefer short names than big or difficult Indian names.