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You’ve learned to live with your illness and the challenges it brings.

“These experiences have enabled you to help yourself and others in ways nobody else can.

Wiesenthal continued this work privately, and became known as the "Nazi hunter" whose research led to capture of Adolf Eichmann in Argentina, and dozens of other war criminals including Karl Silberbauer, the Gestapo officer responsible for the arrest of Anne Frank.

Wiesenthal said: "When history looks back I want people to know the Nazis weren't able to kill millions of people and get away with it." The Simon Wiesenthal Center, which operates the Museums of Tolerance, is named in his honor.

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Nearly all of Wiesenthal's close relatives were murdered by the Nazis, and after the war he worked for the U. Army gathering documentation for Nazi war crimes trials.Now she stood at a bridge and called me for advice.I heard her get choked up as she said, “I really like him and I’m afraid he won’t want to continue anymore once I tell him. This is such a huge part of who I am.” Suddenly, a light bulb went off in my head.Esti* had been dating someone for several weeks and felt that before continuing, she must let the guy in on her secret.

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She had to tell him that she suffers from a mental illness.“If he says no, hold your head up high and keep walking.