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18-Aug-2019 18:30

We know that it has been hard for you to do this; on an intellectual level you understand that since he has moved on you aren't going to be reunited, but on an emotional level you hope that he will retrace his steps.

You need to look at the reasons you aren't together anymore so that you can understand why you really weren't right for each other for the long term. Many couples who begin dating as young adults do not endure, even though they develop a close emotional connection and at some point genuinely believe that they will spend their lives together.

I used to have a tendency to be attracted to not-so-nice guys who treated me badly.

These issues may be a little too heavy to deal with on your own.

Often, this is because one or both of the parties experiences a great deal of personal development during this time, discovering aspects of themselves for the first time, while fine-tuning aspects of their personalities as well as their values, expectations about the future, and long- and short-term goals.

Looking back, can you see how much you and your ex each changed and grew as individuals from the time you first met, until the time your engagement ended?

You need to acknowledge that he's already dealt with his loss.

In addition, it is time for you to let go of the nagging belief that the two of you really should be together.

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