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27-Jun-2019 10:24

” One of the things I have experienced, subjectively, is an ease and relaxation on a level that I’ve never experienced before so that when the cameras are rolling, the choices that come in are much more natural.

There’s a subtlety to that that is disarming for me and enjoyable.

“We’re all very lucky that the chemistry, that the X factor was in there however it manifested itself because without that, we’re just a lot of hard work to not necessarily this end.” In Friday’s landmark episode, a romantic dinner between Mc Garrett and his girlfriend, Lynn (Sarah Carter), is unceremoniously interrupted by his former love, Catherine (Michelle Borth), who abruptly vanished in season six.

After learning from Catherine that his mother, Doris (guest star Christine Lahti), is being held hostage at an unknown CIA black site, so begins the fireworks.

He definitely reacts differently to the way I react to things in my life; we definitely are different people.

There definitely is a switch that goes on and when I’m looking at life through his eyes, I don’t have to think about his reactions, they’re kind of there second nature now in my body.

But on the same side of that coin, it’s incredibly significant. I’m extremely proud of myself, I’m extremely proud of everybody who’s been involved in this show since its inception.

RELATED: Alex O'Loughlin Teases 'Hawaii Five-0' Secrets Speaking specifically to the 150th episode itself, it’s far more family-oriented with the return of Mc Garrett’s mother, Doris.

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reaches another milestone on Friday with its 150th episode.

They’re also the two most important relationships in his life outside the relationship with his sister, and resolution is critical with Catherine for [Mc Garrett] to move on with his life, which he now can [with Lynn]. He was able to see his mother through Catherine now; Catherine has humanized Doris for Mc Garrett and now he can move on from the both of them.