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23-Jun-2019 12:24

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It was a crazy scene and pretty much everything you wanted was at your fingertips. But as quickly as I made money it went back out the door on drugs and partying.

Then one night when we were partying at the main house this director used for shooting videos, him and a couple of the other "big wigs" in their operation asked me if I would be willing to do some more hardcore shit.

Mainly party drugs like coke and ecstasy, and of course plenty of weed, but on occasion other drugs as well.

When I was 19 years old and in college in Florida, I got really heavy into drugs.

I still was primarily doing straight shoots though.

I actually was having a difficult time getting hard which was totally not the norm for me, but he came over and began blowing me for a while and soon enough I did get fully hard.Looking back I feel like a total asshole about it now as they wanted nothing more than for me to be successful and not have to struggle...sorry, I digressed.Anyway, since I had no money and wanted to keep up my partying lifestyle and since I was always very athletic, in shape and considered "good-looking", through one of the people I met in the party scene I ended up doing some modeling to make some extra money.At first I was thinking they meant bondage, s&m type stuff, but they quickly made it clear they were talking gay action.

I immediately said not a chance, I was straight and no way I could do it.

I had sunglasses on and just kept my eyes closed and picturing hot women.