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The Report, written with the assistance of Generals Jacob Brown and Winfield Scott, was prepared in response to a call by the House of Representatives for a plan “for the reduction of the army to six thousand non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates, and preserving such parts of the corps of engineers, as, in his opinion, without regard to that number, it may be for the public interest to retain; and, also, what saving of the public revenue will be produced by such an arrangement of the army as he may propose in conformity with this resolution.” Read More...

With the exception of his friend, John Quincy Adams, Richard Rush had the most distinguished public career of any son of the Founders (his father, Benjamin, was a signer of the Declaration of Independence).

Canberra and Washington have a solid military alliance dating back to the early 1950s, and successive Australian leaders have asserted the relationship is the foundation for their nation’s security.

Sex offenders are persons who have been convicted of sex crimes including rape, statutory rape, sexual abuse, and sexual crimes against children such as child sexual abuse or possessing child pornography.

After all, a civil war is by its very nature a conflict.

But from the very beginning, the outcome of the American Civil War could have been heavily influenced, if not outright changed, by the interference of the major European powers.

Rush’s political loyalties wandered from the Jeffersonians to the National Republicans, Anti-Masonry, and finally (on the issue of the Second Bank of the United States) to the Jacksonian Democrats.

But his abilities as a statesman and diplomat were unquestioned. The promise of America has always been the promise of a new start.

And that promise became one of territorial expansion the moment Americans began to head west past the bounds of the Mississippi.

Bush’s 2002 National Security Strategy and Obama’s Nobel Prize Lecture. We are continually adding to and refining this material to reflect the best and most up-to-date scholarship.

We catalog important debates and dissenting statements to American strategy, such as the Hamilton-Madison argument over the proper role of the executive in foreign policy, Lincoln’s protest against the Mexican-American War, and the U. , published in Philadelphia in January 1776, is properly recognized as a major turning point in the American Revolution.

He has been on a tour of Asia to reassure allies of Washington’s commitment to the region under Trump’s leadership. Trade is top of mind Business discussions are expected to be a key part of his visit, including how to remove remaining trade barriers between Australia and the United States, which is the biggest foreign investor in Australia. Professor Fariborz Moshirian is the director of the Institute of Global Finance at the University of New South Wales Business School in Sydney. “They have got (a) free trade agreement between the two countries and naturally one of the key points that could be raised is how to enhance free trade between these two countries as well as in the region.” Reviving parts of TPP Trump’s decision to scrap the world’s biggest trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, was met with dismay in Australia, one of a dozen countries that signed the agreement last year.