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In a July affidavit, FBI Special Agent Michael Watson said witnesses saw blood on Kenneth's hands and clothes.

One witness said Kenneth told him: 'She would not stop laughing at me,' according to the affidavit.

When asked by the witness what happened to his wife, Kenneth responded: 'She would not stop laughing at me.' According to cruise ship staff, Kenneth had attempted to throw her body overboard.

The theme of the cruise was a murder mystery and staff said that they believed the grisly scene had been staged as part of it when they first arrived at the couple's room.

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Kenneth and Kristy had been a couple for 17 years and were said to be celebrating their anniversary while on the family vacation with their three daughters - aged between 13 and 22 - at the time of Kristy's death.Unlike previous seasons, contestants whose performances not considered good enough were given a second chance in the second round.They lined up on stage in groups of 10 and each sang a short segment of a song "a cappella." After each group had finished, the judges cut those they felt not talented enough. In the final round, all the remaining contestants performed individually a song chosen from a large list of songs provided accompanied by the band and three backup singers.This year the process was altered slightly to ensure that no talent would be prematurely dismissed.

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The contestants were allowed two performances before elimination, and the group round was removed.

According to court documents which were made public in August, following Kenneth's indictment, 'Blood was spread throughout' and was on 'multiple surfaces' of the room where Kristy was found.