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Kennedy's assassination focusing on the efforts of New Orleans D. Jim Garrison's attempts to prosecute the real killers of JFK.

Despite having these two strong lead actors, the movie was not well-received, in party due to its schmaltzy story line. Read the original New York Times movie review here. A strong performance by James Gandolfini (who plays Tony Soprano on The Sopranos).

This documentary tells the story of death row inmate Nick Yarris, who at one point in his incarceration, requests that his death penalty be carried out despite the possibility that he is innocent of the crime he is charged with (no more details provided to avoid spoiler alerts). Tom Cruise plays a Navy lawyer charged with the duty of defending two Marines charged with murder who say they were acting under orders of a colonel (played by Jack Nicholson). Although lawyers and the legal system do not play a dominant role, the movie does raise issues of property law and the maxim "finders keepers." The movie has a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. A hilarious movie in which John Cleese plays a barrister who gets tangled up with a group of bungling diamond thieves. Only marginally law related but the funny scenes with Cleese getting caught dancing in the buff are worth it. A good dramatization of the true life story of professor Robert Kearns who invented the intermittent car windshield wiper but was tied up in years of litigation with Ford to prove his entitlement to royalties. Read the original New York Times movie review by Vincent Canby here.

This is a historical documentary made to mark the 50th anniversary of the "freedom riders" who were civil rights activists who would ride buses and occupy bus terminals to protest discriminatory segregationist laws aimed against African-Americans. Starring Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, many others. This documentary tells the bizarre story of John Wood attempting to recover his amputed leg that was inadvertenly purchased by Shannon Whisnant when he bought a BBQ in which the amputed leg was being stored. Based on the John Grisham novel, tells the story of a young lawyer (played by Tom Cruise), recruited by a high-powered firm that has hidden secrets that the young lawyer starts to uncover. Read Janet Maslin's largely unfavourable 1981 review in The New York Times. Starring John Cleese, Kevin Kline, Eric Idle and Jamie Lee Curtis. Starring Greg Kinnear, Lauren Graham and Alan Alda. The Fortune Cookie (1966): It has been years since I saw this movie, directed by Billy Wilder and starring Walter Matthau as an ambulance-chasing lawyer who convinces his brother-in-law, played by Jack Lemmon, a cameraman injured by a football player during a game, to pretend to be injured. In one of the lesser-known or less popular Coen Brothers' film, George Clooney plays a famous and wealthy divorce lawyer who gets entangled on the other side of divorce proceedings with a wealthy socialite played by Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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Starring Jimmy Stewart, Lee Remick, Ben Gazzara, directed by Otto Preminger. What the journalist does next is stupid (in allowing himself to be framed for murder in order to see if the D.

Read Roger Ebert's online review (4 out of 4 stars). Directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Paul Newman and Sally Field.

Ostensibly a story about ethical journalism, the story involves issues of newspaper libel and the defence of absence of malice when an investigative reporter (played by Sally Field) publishes potentially defamatory stories about a Florida businessman (play by Paul Newman) who might have shady ties that connects him to the murder of a labour leader.

Starring Robert Duvall as the judge and Robert Downey, Jr as his son, a lawyer who ends up defending his father in court. Maximilian Schell won the Oscar for his portrayal of the defence lawyer. A fairly stupid movie in which a juror, played by Moore, is put under pressure by the Alec Baldwin character to acquit the accused, a Mafiosi, or else her son will come into harm's way. Can Law Professor Paul Armstrong (played by Sean Connery) save his client?

A strong dramatization of the Nazi war crime trials. Janet Maslin's original New York Times review pretty much sums it up with this comment: "If you have odd socks that need matching, you've got something better to do than watching Jury Duty." Just Cause (1995). The story of a young man accused of murder and facing the electric chair. Read Roger Ebert's online review (3.5 out of 4 stars). This Stanley Kubrick film stars Kirk Douglas as a colonel serving in the French Army in World War I who, as a defense lawyer prior to the war, defends three of his men unfairly charged with cowardice in the face of the enemy regarding the refusal of the troops to proceed against enemy gunfire in what would have been a suicide mission for all concerned. An excellent movie that documents the film-maker's battle with the Dole Company who filed suit to ban the launch of his earlier movie (Banana's! The story, based on Melville's novel, of Billy Budd, accused of mutiny on the high seas of the murder of the ship's Master-of-Arms. Body Heat (1981): Although not really law-related per se, this drama, directed by Lawrence Kasdan, tells the story of a not very reputable small town lawyer, played by William Hurt, and his affair with a married woman, played by Kathleen Turner, and their plot to murder her husband. A fairly implausible story of an accused (play by Madonna) charged with murdering a wealthy old man for his money (through sex). Read the Turner Classic Movie review here for the 1962 version and the New York Times review of the 1991 version here. A captivating documentary of a high school teacher, his wife and their three sons and their involvement in the criminal justice system when the father and youngest son are charged with sexual crimes involving children. " is reflected in the questions raised by the director regarding the prosecution and defence of the accused. Tells the true story of General Billy Mitchell, a Word War I air combat commander who was court-martialed for criticizing those in the military elite for incompetence. Although the story focuses on his character's relationship with his two daughters while his wife and their mother is hospitalized after a boating accident, there are a number of law-related scenes as Clooney's character must deal with whether to commercialize the property or keep it in its pristine state. His tape gets mixed up with a surveillance tape and he is chased through the streets of Paris on his motor-scooter with some of the best chase scenes ever.