Arts lover dating

19-Apr-2019 08:34

From the famed artist's blue period, the painting is poignant and melancholy, beautiful yet at the same time hard to view without some sense of sadness.This 36" by 24" print is hand-stretched over a 1.5" stretcher bar for a gallery-like presentation that looks great even without a frame.The blanket is made from 100% polyester and is amazingly soft yet still more than durable enough for daily use and occasional washing, too. But most people do like Vincent Van Gogh's masterpiece "The Starry Night." This umbrella from Shiningirl puts the two together, using a print of the famed painting as the canopy of this fully functional accessory.The umbrella measures nearly 42 inches in diameter when opened, providing ample protection from a downpour, yet it is just 1o inches in length when folded down, easily fitting into a larger bag or the glovebox of a car.

You can argue about the relative merits of some works of "art" all afternoon (or for a lifetime, for that matter), but anyone with even a grain of true appreciation for the arts will agree that Pablo Picasso's "The Old Guitarist" is a great work of art.Whatever you choose, you will indulge your art craving on your date. An Art Soiree event is perfect for art lovers looking for something different to do on a date. When Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore made pottery, it became the iconic scene from “Ghost.” You and your sweetheart can remake that scene at one of the many art classes at Capitol Hill Art Workshop.