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I’d gone from market 197 in Casper, Wyoming, to the country’s number 12 market, which everyone had told me would never happen. But the first that comes to mind was when I was new at my job in Phoenix.

I feel like people are wondering if it’s me, and I see people looking at their phone, then looking at each other, then looking at me, and I almost want to say, “If you’re wondering if I’m the news anchor on Channel 7, I am.” But that would be awkward. Growing up, we talked about religion and politics at the table, and that’s one of the reasons I got into this business.

I need to get to know all those things before I fall for someone. I’m a relationship girl.” The pair dated for three years before splitting in 2013, but continued to work together on their show.

Ian is now married to actress Nikki Reed, and the couple is expecting their first child together.

She says it means “Living a graceful life.” How did you lose your Arkansas accent? When I come back from a visit home, I have to go through language detox. I think I’m saying this because I’ve really embraced living in New England. Well, this isn’t all that exciting, but for a lot of my career, I’ve been a multimedia journalist, where I wear all the hats, and there was a time in Kansas City when the FAA had decided to loosen restrictions on cellphones on airline flights. I spent hours, but somehow, I found a guy who worked on airplanes, and there was one on the tarmac. So now when my dad tells someone back home that I’m on Channel 7, when they Google me, guess what pops up?

Not long after, I was sent out to cover the state’s largest wildfire. In Casper, I worked my way up from beat reporter to main anchor, and I was working weekends, too, doing everything. But there was this one weekend when there was just nothing going on. There was a beaded jewelry convention in town, and I went and did a story on that. When I started out, it was “Cut your hair, change your name, don’t wear big jewelry and don’t wear white.” Now, with the evolution of HDTV and the capabilities of our cameras, it’s not true. So it breaks my heart to see people who are hungry or homeless or both. So if I could say, “Everyone has shelter and food,” that would be a perfect world.I’ve been told that my mother found a translation of a Hebrew name she liked, “Jadiel,” but that was masculine. How powerful would it be if we had a society where every time you saw a child, you said something encouraging to them? Well, I’ve always told myself that at some point in my career, I should go to war zones and report on that. Everyone is going to Google it and now it will come up again at the top of searches for me, but I once had to say, “A billion dollar pitch,” and I said, “A billion dollar bitch.” It was awful. My phone rang immediately during the commercial break, and it was my boss, mad.