Bad parenting

19-Mar-2019 12:34

The findings suggest that poor parenting is handed on from one generation to the next, said Anne-Marie Conn, a researcher at the University of Rochester Medical Center. “Parents with multiple adverse events were more likely to value corporal punishment,” she told NBC News.

A study published last week found that even gentle spanking, with an open hand, can backfire and cause kids to misbehave — yet American parents overwhelmingly believe it’s good for kids.

“And among their young children, 72 percent had already experienced at least one adverse childhood experience.” When parents had four or more of these bad experiences, their children were nearly six times more likely to already be showing signs of social or emotional problems, Conn and colleagues found. “When you interview parents, they are aware their past experiences affect their parenting,” she said.

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It may be fun to be that way occasionally, but not all the time," says Dr. "Kids need boundaries, rules and restrictions," she adds.

On average, the parents at the clinic had suffered three to four adverse experiences when they were children.

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