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Colin Palmer, founder of the Windcluster company, which owns part of the Haverigg wind farm, said he was horrified that such a plan could be considered at a time when Britain risks missing its green energy targets and after reassurance from ministers that nuclear and renewables were not incompatible.Creating a genuine and effective Carbon price differential will be awkward, perhaps impossible.Interview: In a new book, The Global Deal, Stern builds on his earlier work to offer a blueprint for a safer planet, laying out the specific steps that individuals, communities, companies, and nations need to take -- without delay -- to reduce emissions and head off the very worst consequences of catastrophic climate change.As the title suggests, the challenge demands international cooperation on a scale rarely, if ever before, achieved, but he's optimistic a global deal can be reached, if only because the stakes are so high, the alternative so grim, and the prize -- a secure planet on a sustainable path to prosperity -- so great.Electricity generator EDF warned an environmental audit committee inquiry into carbon markets that government targets to cut the UK's greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050 would not be met without certainty that the price of carbon could be raised and sustained.The government's Committee on Climate Change has said that the target would require "almost full decarbonisation" of the power industry by 2030.

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In the first of three features, Richard Monastersky looks at evidence that keeping carbon dioxide beneath dangerous levels is tougher than previously thought.

The study, based on data from 38 weather stations under the Tibet Autonomous Regional Meteorological Bureau, indicated that the average temperature in the landlocked region rose 0.32 degree Celsius every 10 years between 1961 to 2008.

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