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To prevent your hit single being pulled by censors what would you reply?Anyway, in his glam rock period, Bolan said everything meant sex."Bang the gong" first meant asking for more opium. Next to each couch was a small gong, and the customer struck it to call for another dose to be brought.Grand piano was played by Blue Weaver and saxophones by Ian Mc Donald of King Crimson.Producer Visconti later recalled: "He played all the saxes, one baritone and two altos.In the group's native England it peaked at #1 (for 4 weeks) on July 24th, 1971 on the United Kingdom's Singles chart... I have never heard the story that he actually won Cochrane's guitar.

If I was a beginner player, I would have probably lost out on all three. I once had a girl go from “I’m sorry I can’t have sex” to “Let’s do it, my sheets are dark.” I banged a Finnish girl who produced a huge amount of blood (small drops of it actually squirted from her vagina).The line "You've got a hubcap diamond star halo" used to baffle me... In the collection of Renaissance art I saw painting after painting with the Virgin Mary as the subject, and without fail shewas depicted with an elaborate, well engineered, glimmering fact they looked like hubcaps, adorned with diamondstars. In the song Bolan is describing a young woman who has both the air of innocence and flat out sexuality.Mustang Ford , Salamanda Palaganda , Beltane Walk , Ride a White Swan , Get it On , and more !!! You're dirty sweet and you're my girl = Wall Street: love v. A song means what it means to the writer but, it means what the listener takes from it, particularly for those just discovering this treasure of a tune. Excellent as well, but very boysy and aggressive, chip on the shoulder, safety-pin in the earlobe, spitting gobs. I saw that particular video once, and I could have swore that was "Sir Elton" on the piano.

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Heard Bolan's Cosmic Dancer in an Irish record store and thought, my god, he may be a rock 'n' pixie, but this is profoundly transcendental spiritual music, a real metal guru, our Marc. The video looked fun and Bolan appeared to be in his best form.

It's Bolan's biggest hit and along Jeepster and 20th Century Boy it's his finest moment.