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I lay back onto the couch as I pulled him on top of me, placing his paws on each side of me as I took his cock again. I then pulled his hunching hips to me as he thrust his long doggie cock to my hungry pussy.

I spread my thighs wide and took his hard doggie cock, guiding it to my twitching pussy. He was so big now, almost as big as any man's cock I have ever seen. He was filling me with that prick as he hunched me faster, slamming his cock deeper with each thrust he made.

As I put the water in a dish, I took a hotdog from the fridge and fed it to him.

He was hungry as I fed him another one and saw a jar of peanut butter sitting on the counter. What would happen if I took some of the peanut butter and smeared on my pussy? I led him to the living room as I gave him another hotdog.

I was reading a story on Kristen Archives about a lady who was fucking a dog and as I read it, my hand was playing with my pussy as I rubbed it, not wearing any panties and my short dress up high.

I was so wet as I fantasized about me being on my hands and knees as I took that doggie cock.

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He was so deep in me as I felt his hot cock pumping in and out of my wet pussy.I could feel his cock so hot in me as I threw my pussy to his cock as he hammered me. I was exhausted as I slipped my pussy from his cock. He had not cum in me and I had withdrawn him before he could slip his knot to me.I cum so much that the sofa was wet as my juices flowed out of me. I saw his huge knot as I took his cock and stroked it for him as he lay beside me.There I was, a married lady, laying on my sofa and letting a dog fuck me! I sure wasn't going to tell him as the doggie cock pushed against my womb. I felt it as he hit my sweet spot each time he thrust into me, making my body shake as I started to cum.

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He was making me tremble all over as I came so hard! He pounded that doggie cock to me so hard and fast, filling every inch of my fat pussy as I continued to cum, over and over again.I placed and ad in the paper, stating that I was looking for a large male dog and that he had to be special. A lady had called me and said she had a large Rot that was well trained as a watch dog but that she had to give him away since they were moving out of state and into an apartment.