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10-Jun-2019 23:34

The employee owns the device and corporate policy allows them to use it for both business and personal purposes, with the ability to add personal apps at their discretion.

The main concern with personal devices is how organizations can prevent corporate data from being compromised, while still keeping personal data private and under the sole control of the employee.

The way in which personal and corporate devices are enrolled into an MDM system differs.Whether providing corporate devices or allowing people to use their personal devices, IT needs to deploy and manage mobile devices and apps quickly to meet business goals.However, they also need to ensure that the apps and data on those mobile devices are protected against cybercrime or loss.This guide helps IT professionals plan for and deploy Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Employees increasingly depend on smartphones to complete daily work tasks, but these devices introduce unique management and security challenges.The operating system offers a flexible approach to registering devices with directory services and MDM systems.