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Abraham continues to enter into Zoar until 2018Ve Adart12 (2019March24/25). 2018Adar16/2019Iyyar5, Kingdom first fruits/Pentecost, is the appointment/installation of the Kingdom of God (under God).

The final Passover of unsealed Abraham is 2019Nisan14, which is 2019April19/20.

The first earthly humans enter into it on 2017Tebbeth21 for the 3rd marriage.

The Watchtower, founded by Charles Russell was the 3rd true Christian church and the Lords Witnesses are the 4th - in our understanding. Each of the 4 churches had a water baptism from heaven through an Elijah. The churches themselves we call TCC1, TCC2, TCC3 and TCC4.God loves us all, every one of us and every one of the angels. If you do not see that logic do not worry we have several more proofs.He will therefore save all of us and all of the angels, even Satan himself will repent at a time of both God's and of his choosing. The LW church has the most comprehensive understanding of God's love for mankind and for the angels that any church has ever been privileged to see.The 3rd Holy Spirit was appointed/installed as Caesar to Zoar on 2017Tammuz16/Elul5 (Late Zoar first fruits/the late Zoar Pentecost for a 2nd appointment).

But cannot act as Caesar until 2017Chislev15 the end of the LW Gentile Times for 7 months from 2017Iyyar15.The Watchtower suffered a 40 year wilderness penalty from 1976Tishri1 (for giving up on chronology after their 1975 failure, having spied out the possibilities for future predictions and produced a bad report) to 2016Elul30/2017Iyyar30 (then end of the old secular/Zoar secular year).