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The site brings together information about the people and properties of Brentford, particularly the High Street, from 1840 (with some earlier material). If you are a new user take a look at the site guide.New additions, also see Coming Soon: recently received contributions; perhaps you can help someone with a Brentford enquiry - it could be about a person, place or business, see - but more than one person was identified who might be the recipient; Carolyn Cameron has a William Charles Cole in her ancestry and through collaborative research it has been concluded he was the medal holder - see the medals and read the story () The Crystal Fountain beerhouse took its name taken from the fountain at The Great Exhibition of 1851 and Vic Rosewarne's research draws on colourful local newspaper accounts; surnames mentioned include: ?Jim supplied an update to the Our Dacorum website link: a lime juice carrying barge features in this Peter Young photo and Janet supplied the location of Peter's swingbridge photo, next to the 'Lime Juice Dock' () Neil Smith sent a photo of a flask used in the Barge Aground pub around the 1830s or 1840s; a link to his website includes an older flask used at the Hand & Flower, another High Street pub () , resulting in a list of over 300 records where a pub or beerhouse changed licensee, covering 1846 to the early 1890s plus some later cases; the comprehensive list is in date order, there is also a list by pub name with the barest details; of interest if you have a pub landlord or beerhouse keeper in your family () Robert Hurst has added some information about the architects of the Firestone Building which features in Peter Young's photos of the 1970s; on a different tack, a postcard showing Market Place and a little of County Parade in the 1960s which was omitted from the list of postcards and therefore unlikely to be found () Two vivid photos taken from the southern end of Kew Bridge dating to the mid to late 1950s, sent by Peter Timms, possibly catching the aftermath of the Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race; he has also provided a similar view taken in March 2017: a rather special 'Then and now' () and their second daughter was born here; their connection with Brentford was relatively brief but their story provides glimpses into a different world; thanks to Dr James Whetter, who lives in the couple's former home in Cornwall, for the Thanks to Dr Selby Whittingham for some further information about a more recent generation of the Henrey family (Reverend Thomas Selby Henrey was the vicar of St George's from 1895 to 1930); also some updated links relating to Turner the artist whose life and Brentford associations have been researched by Janet Mc Namara () Robert Hurst has sent some unusual photos from his time of working in Brentford: the 1979 xmas tree display (and his very personal story about what makes this image so important) and a view inside the is a great grandfather of Paul Smith and his recent research has uncovered further details of Cornelius's life (and death) recorded in three newspaper articles - an inquest mentions several local names; Paul is also hoping to identify the newspaper in which a photo of Cornelius was published, probably in 1932/3 (4 July 2017) dating from the 18th to 20th century; under 10 minutes and fascinating, includes examples of the young Turner's work, records of the first V2 rocket which landed locally in September 1944, pub licences and more; put that kettle on!() More interesting links from Sally Douglas - try 1829 Panorama of the Thames, Brentford; use the right arrow to glide east;or select a different part of the Thames - Richmond to Westminster - from the dropdown menu at the top () Sally Douglas has amassed links to websites which include paintings, newspaper pieces, archaeological finds etc.

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If you can help please get in touch; I have tried blanket searches of censuses and poring over contemporary OS maps () Vic Rosewarne's research into the Barleycorn, 98 High Street, 'one of the best conducted houses in Brentford'; as well as numerous newspaper reports Vic also had added the origins of its name () Thanks to Jim Fergusson and Janet Mc Namara for updates, both to do with lime juice!

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