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I had a Japanese guy seated directly to my left and a Chinese guy sleeping and snoring directly to my right.Personally, I’d much prefer it if every place I visited was completely empty. Of course I realize that this is the direct opposite of what the businesses want. In either case there are lots of services available and plenty of people to render them.I don’t know if that’s because the Rio Hotel is so visible, because the facilities are so large and lavish or because the sauna has such a large and diverse staff.If I had to guess I’d say it’s probably a combination of all of these things.On my last visit there were Vietnamese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese women available. Once you pick your woman you will head back to the full service rooms.These seem to have slightly lower ceilings than some of the other full service rooms around town but they also look a little nicer.I’ve ordered from it a few times but I didn’t get anything that much better than what’s given at no cost. The management usually tries to find at least one other customer to make it more worth their while but they’ll go on if it’s only you. I prefer when they’re done right in front of your lounge chair as they are at places like Famile Nobre and Golden Sauna but I understand why it’s done this way at Rio with so many women working here.

A full room can really cut into the “executive imagine” I referred to earlier. Like the other saunas, these attendants were special colored outfits to indicate their work.

Rio is possibly the easiest to find of all the saunas in Macau. The Rio Hotel boasts a large neon facade that can be seen from quite a distance, day or night.