Can christians dating mormons

27-Apr-2019 00:59

When she rides in his car, he removes the magnet that advertises his Web site, What Mormons Dont

He doesn’t protest when Libit prepares food for Mormon missionaries, and he has helped decorate Mormon facilities when she is in charge of elaborate productions.

Libit, in turn, accompanies Tom on mission trips to Palmyra, N. – the birthplace of the Mormon Church – where local Mormons stage a production about the church’s history.

While Tom and other volunteers pass out leaflets to visitors, Libit sometimes helps serve the volunteers meals, even when her presence strains the conversation. “I’ll want to share something, but I know it probably is not appropriate because they’re not expecting that from me.

Tom estimates that he counsels 75 to 100 people a year.

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The couple hit on some rules to help them stay together.

“And if I believe he is trying to follow Christ and live a Christ-like life, then I can’t argue with him on that.” The Joneses will celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary in October. There have been major conflicts and fierce discussions. The couple have struggled to find their own space in the nooks and crannies of each other’s faith. Tom was a “lousy Christian,” baptized as a child without full appreciation for his faith. “Finally, I just said, ‘I have to go back to the Mormon Church because that’s where the truth is.'” At first, Tom showed an interest in Mormonism.

They met in 1978 when Tom, who owned a graphic design firm in Louisville, hired Libit. But as they talked of marriage, Tom said he wanted a deeper relationship with God. He studied with Mormon missionaries for three months.

Three months later, she called Tom and said she wanted to come back. But when they discussed faith, she changed her mind.

Tom insisted that his children would be taught his views about Mormonism.

“I am asking God to send things his way, things to read or people that he meets that can open his eyes to the truth,” Libit said.

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