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It would be perfect if you're a bride-to-be and you need something to wear on the morning of the big day, or even just for adding a bit of glamour to your round the house attire! There's a pyjama set or nightie to match if you fancy too.

Or wrap up in one of the robes we've got lined up for you in the edit below.

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Johnson was questioned by host Chris Harrison about allegations made by other contestants that he was using steroids, which Johnson flatly denied.

I feel like it's getting me into bother.'Brandi interjected: 'Not like a sexual bother. ' Chad replied grinning.'You need to take me,' Amelia insisted, to which Chad said flirtatiously: 'I'll show you how it's done.'In the diary room, Chad went on to boast that he felt like things were going 'really well' with Amelia, and added that he 'really liked her'. The plan is to talk to her without making it seem like I'm really trying to talk to her.'I don't want to go in too hard.

People think she's into you and she's really not.'Chad then looked speechless, joking: 'Thank you.' Amelia explained, stuttering: 'I got really like - I felt like I was pushed into one corner last night. 'I was just saying that you're a very handsome man. enough said.' The pair later arranged to party in LA together once they leave the house, while chatting in the bedroom. He said: 'I've been talking to her a lot this evening. When I do talk to her, I just have to be Chad.'However things got awkward later on, when Marissa Jade and Jemma Lucy put Amelia on the spot and asked who she would rather kiss out of Chad and Sam.

Amelia blushed and covered her face, protesting: 'I can't pick Chad!

'Sam then boldly said he would pucker up for Amelia, and she reciprocated: 'I'm gonna go Sam.'As Sam whipped round the sofa to give her a lingering kiss on the cheek, she said guiltily: 'I'm sorry Chad. She's a really cool girl.'Amelia became flustered, replying: 'I'm so embarrassed. You've actually got b***s Sam to say that.'But taking the tense love triangle up another notch, Amelia and Chad then got cosy on the sofas after a night of drinking.This dressing gown from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Marks & Spencer collection is dreamy...