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20-Jul-2019 07:00

This couple broke up within several weeks of the show ending, proving yet again that if you want a long lasting relationship this is not the show to be on.Buerge is now married with a daughter and Eksterowicz married in 2013.Every Monday from 8-10 p.m., fans are glued to their television to watch beautiful people go on beautiful dates in beautiful clothes.While we all want to know who will be the lucky man or woman to be chosen, we never really think about what happens after the "After the Final Rose".Jeff is actively involved in community service and local athletics.

This couple is one of the few to have their lives together, and they actually live together. They have continued to grow their family and now have two children together.During Monday night’s (March 15) “After the Final Rose” reunion special part of “The Bachelor” finale, Chantal O’Brien revealed that she is happily dating someone.“Bachelor” insider Reality Steve says that the only reason Ashley Hebert is the new “Bachelorette” instead of Chantal is because Chantal turned them down because of her new boyfriend. A little Googling tells us he is a marketing consultant for Evergreen Capital. He attended Bellevue High school and later earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Washington.During the second appearance in season 15, he proposed Emily Maynard by getting down on his knees.

Fans immediately responded, asking Frazier if she and Womack were an item.

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