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15-Jul-2019 21:38

How could the company keep parents from barring their children from chat rooms like the sketchy park down the street?The company did so by following the model high schools use to police prom: employees recruited large numbers of volunteer monitors to supervise its chat rooms and act as “community leaders.” The only problem was that unlike a high school, Aol was a massive Internet company.

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Further, one factor that may have lengthened the settlement of the lawsuit was, as the , “the thorny issue of how to define work in an age when people can work from home using their own personal computers and online connections.” No one has any doubt now as to whether working odd hours remotely counts as work. As indicated by the horribly racist remarks made on the message boards that have accompanied live feeds of protests in Ferguson, Missouri, over the past several days, the need for monitors and moderators has never been greater.

As happens to many growing Internet companies, Aol’s users turned against the company when its behavior took on a decidedly corporate feel.

In 1999, during an online meeting with all community leaders, Aol management announced that volunteers would no longer receive free Internet service; instead they would receive a discounted rate.

Most companies and services employ staff or outsourced labor to scrub offensive comments and inappropriate material from their sites.

Through its contractors, Facebook, for example, pays thousands of foreign, low wage employees to sexually explicit pictures, racist rants, and gory photos.This author is only 25 years old, yet he finds himself dated by the prospect of explaining to young people the excitement of entering a chat room operating under the title “Sports.” Aol’s chat rooms were new, intriguing, and a draw.