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19-Apr-2019 10:10

Her face is red, first from the crying, but second from the embarrassment of being this way in front of Jim and Mary.

I go to her, and she holds me, unable to even stand, sobbing in the car.

Today she is playing the two minute egg timer game, on her knees before the office crew, Hispanic like herself, but willing to exploit any weakness. She has learned the skill of deep throat, and uses it. Debra sees stars, as Leroy fucks her, she feels her legs shake, and she tries to cry out, but her body is spasming so hard nothing comes out.

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"We tried a lot of things, counseling, et cetera, but none of it stuck. They come out brand new, and if you look at Mary, you know what I mean." Jim offers. For those who don't like these themes please move along.