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We're starting to see some research on this symptom, which may lead to treatments down the road, and we do have some idea why we have a problem dealing with the cold.

(Many people with these conditions have problems tolerating heat, as well.)Cold sensitivity in these conditions is so broadly accepted by the medical community that it's frequently used in studies to trigger a pain response, and yes, we are shown to react more to it than healthy people.

No matter how careful you are, you're likely to get chilled from time to time. When your body can't get itself warmed up, you may need to find an outside heat source, such as: Brusselmans G, Noqueira H, De Schamphelaere E, Bevulder J, Crombez G.

Skin temperature during cold pressor test in fibromyalgia: an evaluation of the autonomic nervous system?

It's just part of having a hypersensitive nervous system.

So far, we don't have widely recognized treatments aimed at regulating our temperature and alleviating cold-related symptoms, but we do have one small study suggesting something called Waon therapy for ME/CFS.

Some ideas for heading off the chills include: If you work, go to school, or otherwise spend time in a place that's frequently cold, you may need to keep an extra sweater handy.

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The best way is to prevent yourself from getting overly cold.

In face, in a study on skin temperature changes in FMS, researchers noted lower tolerance to cold and a more extreme drop in temperature when exposed to near-freezing water.

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