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21-May-2019 01:51

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For you ladies, first I would check out his family.

The main question would be, is the Mother part of the package?

There are so many things to write about when discussing life in Costa Rica.

Many North Americans believe relocation to Costa Rica is the answer to life’s struggles.

Now don’t feel alone fellas, there are also many women burning the midnight oil online looking for that perfect mate.

We North American women love a guy with dark romantic Latin looks accompanied by an accent that is sure to tingle our toes.

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It is customary in the USA at the age of 18 that we start looking for somewhere else to live. American men were raised by Moms that worked; therefore many US men learned how to wash clothes, clean up and cook.

I only want to explain to you what I’ve learned goes along with that choice many times in selecting a Costa Rican mate.

First, it is not unusual for grown children to move in and out of the parents´ home.

I know, you like kids, well you may like kids but not too many North American men are used to teenagers just sitting around the house, not working and making demands of the mother. This is a culture that in several ways reflects our culture in the 1950s.

Guys, I’m surely not the one to ridicule your desire for that submissive wife.

Men, you may also discover that Costa Rican women, when they reach 50 are not taking classes in belly dancing, aerobics or learning how to pole dance.