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Raine: [Snowflakes] all look like the same cold snow, but in reality, they're very sensitive to the environment around them. Raine: In other words, the temperature around me has changed. Raine: Hehe, although it would seem that my heat source hasn't realized it at all. You're saying that there's something that has changed you. CBS requires each student to serve in the Body of Christ in order to graduate.This requirement takes the form of Christian Service modules of 28 hours of service during 3 different semesters.It is a fabulous “springboard” for those who are called to ministry to prepare them for seminary.It is a means for the community college graduate who is already entrenched in a career to go on and obtain a bachelor’s degree in order to improve his or her chances of promotion at work.However, in most circumstance, the ultimate decision on course selection rests with the student.For the academic advisor, student success is our mission and ministry.

CBS requires that a prospective student be a professed believer in Jesus Chris as the sole means for salvation.

The successful student delivers excellence in all these areas through maintaining this aforementioned perspective. However, CBS does require each scholarship applicant to complete fafsa and My FA as well as register for classes.

Since the scholarships are “needs-based” each application is reviewed individually by our scholarship review board to determine eligibility.

A recommended course chart for each degree plan is listed in the Academic Catalog.

Additionally, the student’s academic advisor can assist in course selection.The more popular bachelor programs include Biblical Counseling and Organizational Leadership.

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