Computer dating jokes

16-Aug-2019 16:41

Its makers hope to use it to give robots a sense of humour.

But computers have always been terrible at understanding humour.Puns with higher scores of distinctiveness are funnier, says Kao.For example, the pun: “The rower could not choose either oar” works, but adding the word “indecisive” before “rower” to support the “or” interpretation more strongly makes it funnier. With this in mind, Kao and her colleagues aimed to develop a program that could identify whether some text is a pun, and then predict how funny it is, based on its ambiguity and distinctiveness.To be funny, a pun should also score highly on what the team calls “distinctiveness” – the degree to which each of the multiple meanings is supported.

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“The magician got so mad he pulled his hare out” would score highly, for example, because both potential interpretations of hair and hare are likely.

“It is the first model to give a fine-grained prediction of funniness,” says Kao.