Computer dating sim games

05-Apr-2019 06:02

For those of us who are children of the ’90s and early 2000s, we remember a time before playing games on phones or getting in trouble for too many in-app purchases.

When it came to games, it was all about sticking in that CD-ROM into our ancient computers and going .

There would be bad guys around, and you had to somehow collect these diamonds from them.

There were also bad guys that looked like little TV's.

Graphics were subpar, but gameplay made up the difference. Astonishing 3-d game for the beloved Sinclair ZX-81, where you try to escape from a labyrinth where lives a T-Rex.

Full court play, although you only really saw one half-court at a time. 2 dunk stiles, 3 point shooting, and stats given after the game.

First Bball game to allow player adjustments -- post player or shooter, and allowed a certain number of rating points for each.

TSR and SSI moved to present the official AD&D CRPG to the public.

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I learned so much about history and geography from trying to capture this chick who was--let's be real--too fly to ever be caught properly.

Very complex and hard to play it had a difficult interface. It was actually sort of an action game and had a 'donkey kong' like interface. It was supposed to be the 1st of 7 but on The City and The Dungeon got released.

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