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"So many girls accept and continue to live with their bush husband." Child Soldiers International’s research reveals these issues of stigma and community rejection as the main hurdles in reintegrating many girls formerly associated with armed groups in the country.Changing attitudes and behaviours towards returning girl soldiers is vitally important.The UN's Population Fund reported 2,593 cases of sexual violence in “conflict-affected provinces” during the same period.MONUSCO has said that non-state armed groups, including various Mai-Mai groups, were responsible for almost 70 percent of the cases.As a result, some decide to rejoin the very armed groups that abused them."If we leave the group, we're going to be targeted, rejected," one girl told me.As an organisation, we are now working with the Congolese government, local partner NGOs, the UN, and community leaders to improve the treatment of girls and the assistance provided to them when they return home.We have outlined numerous activities that can be implemented at community level to transform the lives of former girl child soldiers and the views of family and community members.

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Stigmatisation and rejection is prevalent, with such treatment largely shaped by the fact that they have had sexual relations outside of marriage."I went because I wanted to get enough money to go back to school." Similar accounts were given by dozens of girls we interviewed in South and North Kivu and Haut-Uéle, pushed into conflict because of financial hardships at home.

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