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In addition to being disenchanted, lawyers are in remarkably poor mental health.

They are at much greater risk than the general population for depression.

It has six full-fledged departments having five branches with faculty who are motivated with a quest to promote engineering and technical education.

The faculty members are constantly training themselves by participating in and presenting papers at various national programs in their field of specialization.

Welcome to SHRI SANT GADGE BABA College of Engineering & Technology, the centre of excellence in technical education.

Here you will receive the professional value based education that will help you become responsible citizens to serve the community better.

These pessimists tend to attribute the causes of negative events as stable and global factors (“It’s going to last forever, and it’s going to undermine everything.”).

The ability to anticipate the whole range of problems and betrayals that non-lawyers are blind to is highly adaptive for the practicing lawyer who can, by so doing, help his clients defend against these far-fetched eventualities.Pessimism is maladaptive in most endeavors: Pessimistic life insurance agents sell less and drop out sooner than optimistic agents.Pessimistic undergraduates get lower grades, relative to their SAT scores and past academic record, than optimistic students.“As to being happy, I fear that happiness isn’t in my line.

Perhaps the happy days that Roosevelt promises will come to me along with others, but I fear that all trouble is in the disposition that was given to me at birth, and so far as I know, there is no necromancy in an act of Congress that can work a resolution there.” – Benjamin N.Sandra is a well-known East Coast psychotherapist who is, I think, a white witch.