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The Hebrew term brit signifies a covenant, usually meant to be perpetual between parties having independent but not necessarily equal status, that provides for joint action or obligation to achieve defined ends (limited or comprehensive) under conditions of mutual respect, in such a way as to protect the integrity of all parties involved.A covenant is much more than a contract, though our modern system of contracts is related to the covenant idea, because it involves a moral commitment beyond that demanded for mutual advantage, even involving the development of community among the partners to it.Those who want to access objectionable material will have to jump through some digital hoops to get there. NCOSE found links of hardcore pornography intermixed within resources intended for children.In the past, it was there for all to see as a default setting. EBSCO officials have reached out to NCOSE saying it is working on better algorithms in its material and filtering so the user will be better protected.In other words, the covenant relationship is to social and political life what Buber's I-Thou relationship is to personal life.

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Yet the covenant is as much a political as a theological phenomenon.

In its highest form, a covenant community is a community of souls, as expressed in I Samuel 18: "The soul of Jonathan was bound up with the soul of David and Jonathan loved him with all his soul..David and Jonathan made a covenant in their love for each other (which was) like the love of each for his own soul." In that sense, covenantal relationships have been compared to marriages in which the integrity of each partner continues to exist within the community they create.