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During her middle and high school years Jung-Yeon was a quiet student with ordinary scores, but Do-Hyun appeared in front of her and they began a relationship. Jung-Yeon also has one thing that Do-Hyun does not have. * Cheon Ho-Jin - Choi Kook-Hwan * No Min-Woo - Yoo Myung-Joon * Kim Seong-Kyeom - Yoo Pil-Sang * Yoon Je-Moon - Yoo Sung-Joon * Choi Jeong-Woo - Yoo Ki-Joon * Han Yoo-I - Yoo Mi-Ran * Lee Deok-Hwa - Kim Tae-Sung * Kim Sung-Oh - Kim Do-Cheol * Jeong Seok-Won - Jae-Bum * Seo Joo-Ae - Soo-Ji First there were rumors of heading fantasy-comedy Secret Garden, then action-drama Poseidon; now Jang Hyuk (Chuno) has reportedly chosen SBS drama Midas as his next project.

The show just this week announced its leading lady in Lee Min-jung (Cyrano Dating Agency).

Insecure with his situation, Do-Hyun decides to look for a more prestigious job, with better pay.

Yoo In-Hye's (Kim Hee-Ae) is a president for a hedge fund company.

Her grandfather was a banker during the Japanese occupation of South Korea.

This means her grandfather was on the side of the Japnese. After the war her grandfather became a money lender and through this made a fortune.

The new series is an SBS Monday-Tuesday drama titled Midas, and with Lee Min-jung seemingly building something of a Midas touch herself, will she be able to shoot another project to mainstream success?

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She’ll play a character with particularly keen business acumen, who happens to be romantically partnered with a chaebol. Apparently Dramaland Korea is just flooded with chaebols at every turn.As for Jang Hyuk: No details yet on his part, but if his character ends up being some kind of M&A shark, I can see him rocking it.

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