Dallas dating coach

04-Apr-2019 21:51

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What you’re doing is systematically murdering every last ounce of romance and natural desire toward women from men.

And unjustly assuming that all men are vicious predators, plotting and scheming to trick and rape an unsuspecting girl.

And this dynamic has even spread to all the other dating apps outside of Bumble, causing women to feel like they are the ones that have to pursue the guy, or else nothing happens.

I’ve seen a dramatic change in guys’ behavior on these apps – the most notable being that many guys have gotten downright lazy and don’t put any effort into meeting offline.

And yes there is a line between “explaining” things in a helpful way, and intentionally condescending someone, but when you turn “mansplaining” into such a “thing” and it is a focus, it becomes dangerously subjective and the tendency will be for it to be misconstrued, favoring the female.

(The fact that my spell-checker corrected these words because they are now in the dictionary should tell you something, Lol).

And this goes for guys too – let’s stop the swiping and disappearing act altogether if we want actual relationships to be created in 2017.

You will actually GO on more dates and meet more people “in the flesh”… Plus, is it really that much of a burden and that much effort to say “hey, let’s meet in person over a drink, what’s your schedule like this week? I hear the complaint constantly from my male clients and other men that they’ll be talking to a girl, ask her out, and then – poof! And then the poor guys are obsessing over what the hell they could have possibly said to offend them or turn them off so much with one message.

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