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Why is it so common that we ask in prayer to bless clearly unhealthy food to nourish and strengthen our bodies? The truth is that God loves you and through the atonement of Christ and his grace, you are the same as you were before the mission with unlimited eternal potential. And just like any other member of the Church, you must activate that power in your life every day. Remember that people are good and everyone (just like you) is just doing the best they can. Make your relationship with God the closest one and the most important one.

When you see people this way, you love them no matter what they say or how they may perceive (or misjudge) you. If you can’t find one, read here about 9 closets to pray in when you don’t have a closet.

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This 23 minute video is one of the best, most concise and neutral overviews of the Joseph Smith papyri. They were needed in other areas and in other ways that were very important. Get that thought out of your head because it is not of God. Most of these guys were either honorably called home early, or never went. Have they done significant missionary work later in life? Just because you came home early, does NOT mean you are useless to the Lord.Also, since the translations of the facsimiles were taken from copies of the original papyri and each contains such blatant translation errors as listing drawings of women as men and canopic jars as idols, critics reject the claim made by apologists that the Book of Abraham was translated from scrolls that were lost.

Even more blatant, is that Joseph identified specific characters on the facsimiles and gave their translations that Egyptologists say are completely in error.

Rationalizations to explain Faithful LDS don't care?