Daniel radcliffe emma watson dating prisoner azkaban

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Nixon claimed the nation’s “dangerous reliance” on foreign... Kennedy decides to increase military aid to South Vietnam without committing U. Ky described the Cambodian operation of the previous spring (the so-called “Cambodian Incursion,” in which... helicopter gunships struck at North Vietnamese emplacements at Tuol Leap, 10 miles north of Phnom Penh.

On November 16, 1957, Notre Dame beats Oklahoma 7-0, ending the Sooners’ 47-game, 1,512-day college football winning streak. As the fighting gets closer to Phnom Penh, the United States steps up its air activities in support of the Cambodian government. On this day in 1914 in Germany, a small group of intellectuals led by the physician Georg Nicolai launch Bund Neues Vaterland, the New Fatherland League.

A long-established film location, in the City of London (it’s just beneath the famous Lloyd’s Building).

The market itself has been a frequent film location.

On this day in 1849, a Russian court sentences Fyodor Dostoevsky to death for his allegedly antigovernment activities linked to a radical intellectual group. Dostoevsky’s father was a doctor at Moscow’s Hospital for the Poor, where he grew rich enough to buy...

Did the young Austrian nun named Maria really take to the hills surrounding Salzburg to sing spontaneously of her love of music?

The first Europeans to visit the region were Spanish...

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Tickets must be bought in advance, and do ensure you arrive 20 minutes before the time stated on your ticket.

She was the first woman leader of a Muslim country in modern history.

After General Mohammed Zia-ul-Haq seized power in...

Did she comfort herself with thoughts of copper kettles, and did she swoon to her future husband’s song about an alpine flower while the creeping menace of Nazism...

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On this day, Missouri Indian trader William Becknell arrives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, sells his goods at an enormous profit, and makes plans to return the next year over the route that will become known as the Santa Fe Trail.Pure luck made Becknell the first businessman to revive the...

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