Dating 2 girls at once dating practices in america

24-Apr-2019 03:51

Who am I to think that these women are not playing the field as well? How stupid would I feel if I didn't play the field and later found out that one or both of these girls was seeing other guys too? Do you think it's a fair thing to do, or do you think it's risky/dangerous? Should I tell the women I'm seeing other people or keep it secret?

Is it two-timing if I don't tell them both the truth?

Last week, a friend of a friend and I hooked up at a party, and now he’s asking me out on a date, and I’d like to go out with him to find out if we’re compatible.

So now I find myself dating and hooking up with two men simultaneously.

In fact I've never had sex with two different women within at least 3 months.

If I ever did, I'd feel overwhelmed and a bit dirty in a way(growing up Catholic messed me up). Dating two women could create a time issue, although my buddy told me to look at it as a reward for working hard during the day.

They both have also been hurt multiple times in their lives and I truly would not want to add to that. 2) Should I make a choice now on which one I may like more?

3) Should I go out with each one a few more times before deciding? I know this sounds juvenile, but I truly have never been in this position before.

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Quantity is ok, but I've never been seriously sexual with two women at the same time.

So all of my guy friends and even most of my girl friends were telling me to hang out with both women.

Essentially they advised me to "see other people."I've never been comfortable with the idea of "seeing other people."Here are pros and cons of seeing other people: Incomplete projects strewn around is a hallmark of the ADD-afflicted person's life. Considering I have trouble following through with one girl,how much trouble will I have following through and managing two different relationships?

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I set up dates on successive nights, earlier this week.

The biggest element of my quandary is deciding whether I should tell both girls about the fact that I want to see other people.