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18-May-2019 15:03

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Below is a list of all the recorded BRS meeting reports by date going back to 1985.

46115 ‘Scots Guardsman’, with a yellow stripe, was at Bradford in 1965 and DP2 was also in the same city. As the question suggests, lots of spotters were in view.After a view of Tinsley depot in 1965, Les stated that hardly anything railway-related now survives in this area.A trip back in the time machine to Les’s student days in around Southampton we saw 30862 ‘Lord Collingwood’ leaving the docks.Finally two Scots, one being 46160 again were the subject of rapt attention.

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Paul amused us with lots of light-hearted quips and kept the audience on its toes by getting us to guess the year of some of the photographs.Another freight service had the rare combination of 70041 ‘Sir John Moore’ and D5707 with the Co-Bo leading!