Dating a man with cerebral palsy

11-Jul-2019 20:45

I let him know i'm not like the other woman he's dealt with. I don't know where this relationship going but i would like to try and see. Yeah I see that now..wasn't thinking when I posted our websites.anxious to share and encourage you...thanks for responding. He thinks i'm like the other females he's dealt with. I don't see that much information on spasticity and sex.When the time comes, be sure to comunicate this with your partner.. I'm sorry that you have had some bad expeirences at dating. As a result, I have missed out on a few oportunities to date while I was in college...Tell him that you will figure things out together... Like you, I never thought that a man would find me attractive, but I am married now...& he finds me very attractive! Much of what you both described tends to always be at the back of my mind.. I am married to a man with CP--Athetoid Spastic--pretty severe. I had so much good advice for you and am quite frustrated that the message got lost..I would be willing to help you in your query. Take a look at Thanks Irish Gypsy, Thanks for your advice. I am not claiming to have all the answers but I know what my husband and I worked thru to make our relationship work. It sounds as though you are really in deep thought about all of this...

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Continue to be patient as it seems you have been and he will continue to open up to you. When the time comes, be sure to comunicate this with your partner.. If I can find a girl that loves me as much as he has then I would hold on to it like a starving man holding bread. I hope i get a chance to meet face to face with him. I'm worried i might hurt him by asking dumb question. I think he's friends put him on blind dates and he date women who have nothing in common with him. These woman only think of him as a platonic friend.SEEING THE HUMOR IN THE POTENTIAL BUMBLING AND FUMBLING WAS KEY IN THIS AREA OF OUR LIVES!When I was Internet dating, before I met my present wife, I preferred not to see a picture of the person I was corresponding too, but I did post a picture of me.

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I wanted to meet the person face to face, before I made my decision to get to know her. I was stood up several times, but this is a chance everyone takes in dating. There is one book called "Real Crip Sex" by Robert Mauro.. (you can do a google search for this title) I haven't bothered reading it since I hate to be part of some general classification.