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04-Mar-2019 16:14

To make sex feel fun—and decidedly less like a chore—pick a non-dirty, silly code phrase like, “I’m craving tacos.” That way, you can bring it up in front of friends, and hey, even over family dinner.

Sexual or not, sharing an inside joke with your husband feels fun, special, and almost childlike—in a good way.

That’s because men view chores as a way to help out, whereas women tend to consider them as part of a second shift, says Leah Klungness, Ph. “From his perspective, the dishes either got washed or not—he’s not keeping score, and it simply doesn't register as important.” Because sharing domestic duties generally signals that you're in a respectful partnership, Andrea Syrtash, author of suggests focusing more on supporting your husband and less on an even split.

“Happy couples are there for one another, so if one of you has a rough week, taking over garbage duty is a good reminder that you’re on the same team.”If you think scheduling sex will make it as boring as crossing something off your to-do list, think again.

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Seventy-five percent of women married to gamers wished their husbands would put as much effort into their relationship as they do zapping aliens and scoring imaginary touchdowns.“It gives you something to look forward to,” says dating and relationship expert Barbie Adler.

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