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Shared concerns spark a friendship between Georgie and Freddie.

The play is a comedy which draws on the parallels and contrasts between the older, intellectual, academic, artistic couple, and the young, working class couple.

Sebastian is a brilliant mathematician whose research holds the key to topple the totalitarian government.

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The commander claims she is seeking refuge from her own government via the Lavender Railroad, which she suspects is operated by the Catholic Church.

The play exemplifies the power of how humor, love and tender compassion binds people together for life, even after loved ones pass on.

The Half-Mile Project is based on the book The Half-Mile Miracle by Rocco Piacente, Pamele Inzerillo. - one set, one sound cue 4M: 20s, 30s Agrippina Romes most powerful woman was emperor Neros mother Agrippina.

An examination of an unconventional love between the two men, and an odd family of characters: an aging actress who struggles with asthma; an eccentric woman who speaks with angels; a middle-aged, flamboyant queen; and a young man who died of AIDS early in the health crisis.

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Originally commissioned by [Your Name Here] A Queer Theatre Company One-Act: 1 hour 45 min.

The characters intersect at various points, culminating in an evening of cyber-sexual madness. She frees herself, and turns the tables on the tortured writer.